Saturday, May 7, 2011

Shoe Fetish

By now you have probably learned that while she may be small Olivia has a big opinion about pretty much everything. Quiet and calm most of the time, when she gets something stuck in her head there is no denying her. Not without a lot of tears and yelling anyway.  She's a lot like her momma that way.  Well, minus the quiet and calm part.

Olivia's most recent demands have been regarding which shoes she wears. At a mere 2 years old, she has a serious addiction to shoes. Last week you may remember me posting a picture on facebook when Olivia and Katelyn both decided they should be sporting the boots & no pants look.

Well just the other day as I was preparing to leave the house I pulled out my first choice in children's footwear... Crocs. I think they are super cute on little feet (not so much on the bigger variety...), comfy, and obviously the easiest style for a mom who has three kids that can't put their own shoes on. No laces, velcro, zippers or other fastening device involved. Unbeknownst to me, Olivia had scurried into the closet behind me and pulled out a pair of fancier dress shoes that were in a bag of hand-me-downs from our little friend Julia.  The reason these shoes (among others) were still in a bag is because they are too small for Katelyn's big stompers and still too small for Olivia's tiny toes.  So they are in the "on hold" department of our shoe collection.

On hold no longer.  When I denied Olivia the shoes and tried to get her little feet wedged into her Crocs she ran from me, brought the shoes to Ron and cried for him to put them on.  It was a test of wills, to say the least.  I didn't want her to wear them for 3 reasons: 1. They don't fit, and I didn't want her to trip over them all day, 2. They didn't match her outfit, and 3. I had already selected a pair of shoes for her and I am the boss.  Now is the time to exercise my power and demonstrate how in control I am.  (Mostly, just #3.  The other reasons are just things I told Ron so he wouldn't think I was being irrational.)

Olivia threw a fit to end all fits.  She cried, yelled, covered her own face in snots and boogers, threw the Crocs at me, and laid on the floor when I tried to leave the house.  Ultimately, she won.  She wore the too-big, non matching shoes, and she wore them proudly.  And I vowed to never make a big deal out of my daughter's shoes again.  Well, until she's like 13 and wants to wear stripper heels to school.  Now that's where I'll put my foot down.  No pun intended.

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marie said...

good for Olivia *** Like I had any control over you wearing makeup to school in Kindergarten *****


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