Thursday, June 23, 2011

OK Dresses

My sweet friend Christine made these cute dresses for the girls for their birthday.  She is so super fancy that she even personalized them with her embroidery machine!  These little tie-top dresses are the perfect summer dress, easy to slip on at any time, for any occasion.

When Olivia and Katelyn were born and I called my Grandma to tell her the news, she told me that she would just call them the "OK Kids."  Here are a couple shots of the girls acting silly in their OK dresses after we got home from the pool one night:

"Smile, Katelyn:"

Then she smiled really big!

A lot of pictures I take of Olivia turn out this way... she was actually doing "ring around the rosie" here...

"We all fall down!"


Apparently these dresses are perfect couch-jumping attire.  Actually, pretty much any item of clothing is perfect for jumping off couches according to my children.

This picture melts my heart:


Erin said...

Okay, the 6th picture down- Katelyn is TOTALLY Ellery!!! whoa. Like, seriously. ANYWHO. those dresses are soooo adorable! I love girls in yellow! Come see me sometime!

Nana said...

those dresses are too cute
can't wait to see you all

marie said...

christine did a great job those are really cute dresses and the girls are adorable of course


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