Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The Funny Things They Say

Remember that old saying, "Kid's say the darnedest things."?  Well, it rings true in my house just about every single day.  Some of the conversations that I have with Joey just crack me up.  Here's one from last night:

Joey and I went over to Walmart to pick up his new bed.  He was excited, and loved that it came in a BIG BOX!  We got home at about 5:30.  Ron had already fed the babies and had a sandwich waiting for Joey.  Ron had to go out to do an errand with my mom, so it was just me and the kiddos hanging out before the much-anticipated bath/bedtime hour.  At about 5:45 Joey came in from playing with bubbles on the patio and held this conversation with me:

Joey: "I all done playin' Mom.  I go nigh-night now."
Me: "You're ready to go nigh-night already?"
Joey: "Yes, I all done playin'. I very tired."
Me: "Well, OK.  Do you want to eat your sandwich first?"
Joey: "Um... No thank you.  I go nigh-night." (starts heading down the hallway.)
Me: (perplexed, but kinda excited at the idea of a 5:45 bedtime, I started following him.)
Joey: (really excited, headed towards his room) "I go nigh-night my new big boy bed!"
Me: "Oooooh.... no, it's not ready yet Joey.  Mommy has to put it together so you can sleep in it tomorrow."
Joey: "My new bed not in my room?"
Me: "No.  It's not in your room yet.  It will be tomorrow."
Joey: (walks into his room to make sure I'm not lying, then turns around when he sees his crib is still there.)
Me: "Do you still want to go nigh-night?"
Joey: "Um. No thank you.  I eat now.  I not tired more."

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April and Sarah Wilderrol said...

I'm ready for nigh-night, too! Crib, race car bed, whatever - just as long as it isn't an office chair!


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