Sunday, November 25, 2012

Announcing: Bugaboo's Closet, my New Etsy Shop

Sadly, this blog has been quiet for about a month.  Did I give up on the C25K?  Maybe I did, maybe I didn't.  OK. Yes. I did.  Running freaking sucks people, and if you say it doesn't, you're lying.  Do you hear me?  LYING.

I honestly did not intend to give up on the whole "I'm gonna be a runner" thing -even though it does totally suck, it just kinda happened.  Actually, during my last run I was so sick, and having so much trouble breathing I just never did it again.  2 days after the run I went to the doctor and was told not to run again until my cough was cleared up.  I just cleared my throat.  That's considered coughing, right?  Just following doctor's orders...

It's not like I haven't been busy though.  See, I thrive on being extra busy.  It makes me feel like I have more control over my life when I fill it with more stuff to do.  And when I actually get stuff done I feel that much more accomplished.  So since I am not running, I decided to give my sewing machine a workout instead by making this:




and this:

What on earth am I sewing for?  My new Etsy Shop, obviously.  Owning my own business, however modest or small it may be, has been a dream of mine for a while.  When I discovered just how much I love creating adorable clothing and accessories for my own children, I knew that eventually it would come to this and I would be sewing for other peoples' children as well.  Now I am creating and selling something that I really love and believe in, and what could be better than that?  And while there are about a gazillion other Etsy owners out there making a name for themselves, I do hope that some of you will take the time to check out my shop (please, please!) and help me make my dream come true!

I still plan to use this blog as my place to vent, share a funny story about my crazy family, discuss one of the many ways I continue to try to lose weight, share a product or experience that I've been lucky enough to receive.  And hopefully you all won't mind me sharing my Etsy items and experiences on here as well!

Visit my Etsy shop:

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Pinypon Party Sponsored by MommyParties

Recently I was chosen to host a party featuring some great new toys for little girls.  Pinypon toys are so much fun to play with, and come with lots of neat little accessories to mix and match.  I am not exaggerating when I say that my children have played with their new Pinypon set and dolls for hours, long after the party was over.  Here are some (not so great cell phone pictures) of them mixing and matching the dolls, discovering how to customize each doll to wear it's own individual style, and playing with the very cool Caravan set.
Yes, even the boys played!
One VERY excited party guest got to leave with a Pinypon Caravan of her own as part of our raffle.  And I was told later by her mom that she and her brothers had hours of fun with this set.  Definitely kid-approved.
My perspective on these toys as a mom:  They are great for strengthening fine motor skills, as each doll comes apart in many different ways, and children have to grasp, pinch, and rotate items to put them together and change their accessories.  The Caravan has many different compartments, doors, drawers, and windows that made it fun for the kids to use in lots of different ways.  In an afternoon they used it as a camper, ice cream truck, and flying spaceship.  The roof even doubles as a raft with surf boards.  I felt like we got a few different toys all in one package.  The only negative I found with the Pinypon toys is the MANY little tiny pieces.  This can be stressful for a mom like me that likes to have everything in one place and in one piece.  But I also think that the reason this entertained the kids for so long is because there ARE so many little pieces.  So it's not really a negative.  We just made sure to clean up really well, and everything went in one extra-large size Ziploc!
Overall, we had a great time playing with our friends and the Pinypon toys.  The kids enjoyed the figures and play sets, and the moms enjoyed the kids playing without argument so we could socialize.  And everyone left with valuable coupons in addition to their own Pinypon figures.  Thanks MommyParties and Pinypon for a great afternoon of fun!
Want to discover more about Pinypon and what they have to offer:  Vist their Website, or Facebook Page!
Disclaimer: The party kit with Pinypon products was provided to me free of charge in exchange for sharing my honest party experience and thoughts.  All opinions expressed are my own.


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