Thursday, September 27, 2007

There's No Place Like Home

We are home, safe and sound. Joey was a super baby in the car! He only cried for about 10 minutes total each way... and he had every right to after being strapped in a car seat for so long! We had a great time, it is perfect that Katie is having a baby too because she had lots of the necessary equipment. (swing, bouncy seat, pack and play, etc.!)

I'm not sure who missed the other more... Joey or Daddy. It was really cute to see them snuggle with each other when Ron got home last night. Ron kept telling me all the ways that Joey looked different or did something that he wasn't doing last week. I never really believed it before I had my own child, but it is very true... they change EVERYDAY.

Here is a cute pic of Joey with his Daddy:

Friday, September 21, 2007

First Road Trip

I'm taking Joey to my sister's today. It is a 500 mile, 10 hour trip. Wish us luck!

Monday, September 17, 2007

A Couple Again

We went on a date. Ron's mom came over to visit on Saturday night and encouraged us to go out to dinner. I was apprehensive at first, and it was hard to leave Joey but we did and it was great! We only went to Friendly's (closest restaurant from home that didn't have a wait!) but it was nice to eat my burger with 2 hands (usually one is on the food, the other on the binky) and take our time. We talked about adult things, and really just enjoyed being together. I think we were gone all of an hour and a half, but it was well spent! And Joey was fine. I knew he would be, it was myself I was worried about! :)

It is freezing in my house right now.... we are all bundled up. Is September 17 too early to turn the heat on? I think it is. Ron would kill me. But Ron's not here...

I don't have anything very interesting to write about this morning. Guess I'll go do laundry.

Does anyone read this anyway or am I blogging to myself? I have very few comments and often wonder who I'm writing to....

Saturday, September 8, 2007

What a face!

I've been having mini photo shoots with Joey. He makes the cutest freaking sad face, and as weird as it may sound... I needed to have a picture of it for later, to remember. So, yesterday I let him cry (just a little!) on the changing table while I took pictures trying to capture the essence of this cute little pout. Here is what emerged:

Then I felt kinda bad for taking his picture in his moment of weakness. Would you want me to stick a camera in your face while you were crying because you hadn't eaten in (gasp!) 2 whole hours?!?! Doesn't sound like much fun, now does it?

So today I made sure I took plenty of pictures during his smiley morning playtime:

Now is that the cutest face you ever saw or what??? Can you see why I'm totally in love with and addicted to this kid?

Yes, I know... I'm becoming one of those people who only talks about her child. I'm a stay-at-home mom... what do you expect me to talk about? The weather? Riiiight. I have other things to say, I promise....

Sunday, September 2, 2007

Love it!

I love being a mom. I love being a stay at home mom. Joey little smiling face makes me so happy. That's all.


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