Friday, March 28, 2008

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

It took me a while to upload the pictures. This was just too damn cute to not post. Better late than never!

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Things I Wasn't Aware Of...

Things I've learned by becoming a mom...

1. How squeaky the floors and doors are in my house... so much so that I find myself listening to other people's floors and doors and having squeak envy.
2. I can pee while holding a child. (wearing one in a sling makes this easier, but I've done both!)
3. I've become obsessed with the frequency, color, and consistency of my child's poop, boogers, and earwax.
4. I took for granted the childless trips to CVS, the bank, the post office, and anywhere else that required a quick run-in. (it is now a 10-step process...)
5. Having a night out with friends is an extra-special treat.
6. I can get in and out of the shower in 4 minutes. (and manage to get clean... not just step in and then step out... I can do that in about 2 seconds.)
7. I have fallen in love with the creators of Blue's Clues, Sesame Street, and even (gasp!) Teletubbies.
8. The mall is a fun place to go again.
9. My dog can be really annoying.
10. I've become obsessed with hand-sanitizing, toy-sanitizing, house-sanitizing, and just about any other kind of sanitizing there is....
11. Most of all, I never imagined that I would love someone this much...

Thursday, March 13, 2008

My Days Are Numbered

Joey has become increasingly more mobile in the past few weeks. He basically rolls and turns in any direction, most often away from me! I usually manage to catch him and/or reposition him before he bumps into anything, but he has gotten a couple of bumps in the process.

Today was a first in the mobility department... he got up on his knees and rocked back and forth. He did it a couple of times throughout the day; at one point he actually wiggled his butt side to side like he was dancing.

I give it a week before he actually crawls. And I think I'm busy chasing him now.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Mostly Better

Joey and I went out today. (hurrah!) We hadn't been out since last Thursday because he's been sick. I couldn't stay cooped up in the house any longer! He is feeling better, I'd say we're at 70%... I didn't realize how hard babies get hit with "just a cold." Ron is now sick, and I've got a sore throat... I am really hoping that I don't get sick. Caring for a sick child is one thing, but being a sick mommy is a whole different story!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Visitor:Comment Ratio

I noticed something today as I prepared to write... my blog has been visited almost 1,000 times. But I have very few comments. Why is that? Are you too shy to comment? Are you a weird internet stalker who secretly reads mommy-blogs? Are you so dull and boring that you have absolutely nothing to say? Is the same person refreshing the page several times a day to drive the hit counter up? Do you find my writing painfully boring and leave with a feeling of emptiness? (if that is the case, then why do you come back for more?)

It will be very amusing to me if you decide that this is the post to comment on... I'll feel like I went fishing for compliments. (think along the lines of, does this dress make me look fat? no honey, you're beautiful.)

Now I can't remember what I planned to write about...

Friday, March 7, 2008


Joey has his first official cold. I feel bad for him with his little runny nose and cough. It's hard to watch him be so uncomfortable. He went to bed super early tonight (6:15!), but has cried a couple of times since then. I think I'm in for a long night...

I've decided that Joey needs new toys. When he gets better we're going to go *new toy* shopping. Yesterday he was so excited over the toys at our playgroup, I realized that he is probably bored with his! I know you're probably thinking I'm nuts, but seriously... he plays for like 5 minutes with his toys, but at Gracie's house he played for a good 20 minutes with her shape sorter! I think I'll check out the second-hand kid's store for a few new toys because money is not growing on trees, and new houses aren't free...

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Tummy Time

Joey is spending so much time on his belly lately. I think he's getting ready to attempt this whole crawling thing. The insta-flip is making changing him especially difficult. Last night Ron was trying to get him ready for bed but he just flipped right over and started hamming it up for the camera! He immediately smiles when he sees me with the camera. Perhaps this kid is destined for stardom.


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