Sunday, March 9, 2008

Visitor:Comment Ratio

I noticed something today as I prepared to write... my blog has been visited almost 1,000 times. But I have very few comments. Why is that? Are you too shy to comment? Are you a weird internet stalker who secretly reads mommy-blogs? Are you so dull and boring that you have absolutely nothing to say? Is the same person refreshing the page several times a day to drive the hit counter up? Do you find my writing painfully boring and leave with a feeling of emptiness? (if that is the case, then why do you come back for more?)

It will be very amusing to me if you decide that this is the post to comment on... I'll feel like I went fishing for compliments. (think along the lines of, does this dress make me look fat? no honey, you're beautiful.)

Now I can't remember what I planned to write about...

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