Saturday, June 9, 2007

Ipods, Poop, and Blow-torching, Oh My!

This week was so very stressful. We got jerked around by the car dealership about the registration and an auxiliary jack for my ipod (which ceases to exist) that was promised to us by a very inexperienced saleskid. By Friday I felt like my head had been spinning in a washing machine. As it is, the only way to use the ipod in the car is with an FM transmitter (at the stupid dealer's expense), but they are supposedly coming out with an aux. jack to be installed sometime within the next month or so. The static from the transmitter is just very annoying, but overall we are both more than happy with the car, so I'll deal with it.

The highlight of the week was our first baby shower. Ron's school was really generous in throwing us a shower, and we got so many great gifts. I was especially excited to get a Boppy Pillow and Diaper Genie. That truly made me feel like a new mom! What other event in your life is it appropriate to give someone a gift to dispose of poop in? We also got lots of adorable clothes... this kid is going to be so well dressed. I think he already has more clothes than I do! OK, maybe not... but definitely more than Ron!

In case you are wondering, my ankles and feet are doing better. Not totally back to normal, but they at least resemble my former self. I'm still wearing pants full time though, because my sunburn is all reddish-purple-tanned and only on the front of the lower half of my legs, and I'm not sure the public is ready to see that! This sunburn is comparable to the one I received during Spring Break sophomore year when we came back from Myrtle Beach and my face looked like it had been blow-torched. (blow-torching analogy courtesy of Kate) At least the blow-torching occurred on a part of my body that I can easily cover!

10 more days of school... (why does that still sound like too many???)

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