Tuesday, July 31, 2007

No Sense Crying Over Leaking Milk

It was a bit of a challenge getting Joey to sleep last night. He had a very big day visiting the doctor and going to Panera, and managed to take a 4 hour nap in the afternoon. (which I had to wake him from) That pretty much told me I'd be in for it come 9 o'clock. He finally settled in after our 12:30 feeding, leaving me wishing for at least 3 hours of sleep. (every time I wake to feed him I play this little game and guess what time he'll be up next. Call it goal setting... Joey usually wins.) Needless to say I was very pleased when I didn't hear from my little man until 4:45!

Joey first wakes by squeaking... a series of small noises that lasts for about 15 minutes before letting out a real cry. So, the squeaking set in around 4:45 leaving me to contemplate the all important question of "feed now, or feed later?" He is such a good baby that he will often accept my offering of a binky over a boob, allowing me to sleep for a while longer until he realizes that milk is not coming out of it, and his belly is still empty.

You might be asking why one would feed now then? Never without a price to pay, prolonging a feeding that has already gone 1 hour over the 3 hour mark means very full and probably very leaky boobs. You're now asking yourself, what's the big deal about a little leak? This is no dripping faucet my friends.... this is freaking Niagara Falls exploding from my chest! Still contemplating the binky-boob debate, I feel each side to further assess the situation, and amazingly both are dry... (either that or they have yet to fill up the maxi pad that is in my bra) I take a chancy move and decide to stretch it out. I give Joey the binky, roll over and close my eyes.

Baby's had enough binky at 5:30, and yep... you guessed it... I'm soaked. Both boobs... through the maxi pads, through the bra, through the shirt.... I instantly sit up and pray that my sheets aren't wet. I just changed them 2 days ago, and was hoping to get a good 3 more out of them. They were dry... the only mess I had to clean up was myself. So I exchanged dry boobs and clothes, for an extra 45 minutes of sleep and more laundry to do today... totally worth it!

Here is another picture of my sleepy baby:

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The Earthworm & Hippo said...

Umm...I love you but this kind of stuff scares me. Leaking boobs? Really? Through a maxi pad? Can you attach a hose or something?

I'm so glad you are going first.



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