Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Could he be more UNCOOPERATIVE?!?!

I doubt it. Today was my first attept to get a picture of Joey for our Christmas card. He woke up from his nap in a great mood, I got him dressed in his cute little Christmas sweater and got my camera, which I (remarkably) remembered to charge the battery last night. I was feeling really good about this. I had a feeling we'd get it on the first take. Not so much. It was like Joey knew that this was important to me so he misbehaved on purpose. I almost think that he was prepared for this very moment. Like he said to himself, "Ok, cute outfit, combed hair, wiped face, she must want a good picture of me." Then it was lights, camera, NAUGHTY. He yelled, he cried, he barked, he hit. He laid down so I couldn't take his picture, he turned away, you name it... he did it. So, Operation Christmas Picture Mission 1 was aborted. We'll try again later. (maybe.)
  • First we had crying:
  • Then we had barking:

  • Then we had just plain old miserable-ness:

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