Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Big Brother

Since my belly started growing we of course told Joey that was where the babies were, and he would point and occasionally kiss the belly when prompted, etc. But I never really feel like he cared or paid much attention to my growing midsection. Until today. This morning we were playing on the floor and he kept bringing me books to read him. I guess he started to notice that my lap had run out of room for him to sit comfortably on while I read to him, so he started to point to my belly and say baby. Then he did the cutest thing... he took his binkie and tried to give it to the babies. Then he went and found his blankie, laid it across my belly and gave the belly a big hug. It was so cute, totally innocent, and completely unprompted by me. Hopefully he'll be this lovey and sweet when the babies come! (yes, I know that is a crazy thought and totally unrealistic, but a girl can dream...)

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