Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Oh What a Night!

Last night was an especially looooooooong night at this fun house. At one point in time, EVERYONE was awake, and all 3 kids were crying. Olivia wouldn't settle in to go to sleep despite my best swaddling, rocking, and back patting efforts. Poor little Katelyn is sick with her first cold (at only 2 and a half weeks!), so she's all stuffy, has a bad cough, and having trouble eating and sleeping, and who knows what was keeping Joey awake but he was a restless sleeper last night too. Maybe he just thought he should join in since his sisters were awake partying all night. So right now I should definately be napping while the kids are, but I'm on the computer blogging instead. Oh, and researching Swine Flu.

By the way, it must be your lucky day blog-readers... I'm posting twice today.

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