Monday, October 5, 2009

Back to Reality

The wedding was amazing, beautiful, and perfect to say the least. Kate and Justin were beaming, and their love radiated through every aspect of the day and night. Ron and I thoroughly enjoyed our time away from the chaotic life known as ours. Apparently our kids did great (at least that's what the babysitters told us), even Olivia survived and held out for breast milk for a whopping 12 hours!

Sunday morning we decided that we would pick up donuts to share with Mollie, Andrew, and company. As I buckled Joey into his car seat I was concerned that his nose was bleeding a little bit. He had been coloring earlier in the morning, and in my hungover haze I seemed to remember Ron saying something along the lines of "If there was a crayon in his nose we'd know it, right?" "Yes," I responded, "we would definitely know if there was a crayon in his nose." I figured it would be pretty hard to miss a 3 inch piece of melted wax hanging from my child's face.

As I wiped Joey's mysteriously bleeding nose, Ron again spoke up: "I never did find that little piece of crayon." WAIT A MINUTE... little piece of crayon? No one ever told me there was a missing little piece of crayon. Upon investigation with a flashlight and household tweezers, sure enough the little piece of crayon was in my son's nose. Operation Sunday Morning Donut Stop aborted, begin Emergency Room Visit with mischievous two-year old.

The staff at the hospital was very understanding, and was sure to give me the "these things happen all the time" vibe. They even gave me pointers for what I could try at home next time my son puts a foreign object in his nostril. Next time? We are already planning for next time? Given his history, I wouldn't put it past him (remember the noodle incident?). However, I'm hoping that four doctors holding him down while one shoved a long needle up his nose to fetch a crayon was traumatic enough that Joey will think twice when he's having one of those "I wonder what this feels like in my nose" moments.

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Erin said...

I just have to laugh at this... so funny.


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