Friday, January 28, 2011

The Olivia Project

It's been a long time since I shared any recent pictures of the kids on here, and my Aunt Kate gave me the perfect reason to grab my camera and shoot some new ones of the girls.  A talented crafter, she created some adorable coats from fabric that features Olivia The Pig.

Named The Olivia Project for obvious reasons, these coats are near and dear to my heart since I have my own little Olivia.  Doesn't she look cute?

I seriously wish I had the time to create adorable things like these coats for my girls.  As it is, I've been working on a pair of dresses for over 2 weeks now and they are still not sewn together.  But at least I have my Aunt Kate working hard to keep my girls in stylish new clothes...

She claims that they were "sew easy" to put together.  She made 5 of them actually!  I'm lucky if I can sew 2 pieces of fabric in a straight line. (And I usually do that with the help of a seam ripper and several attempts!)  You can see more of my fabulous Aunt's projects by clicking here or on any of the links above.
I'll leave you with just a few more pictures of The Olivia Project in action...

And one of the big brother just to be fair:

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Erin said...

Love these! They look particularly "Olivia-ish"!!'s Ellery's fave show. Hope to see you guys soon! Erin.


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