Tuesday, March 29, 2011

One Great Weekend

Moving away from the only home we'd ever known was a difficult decision.  One that I still sometimes struggle with.  The hardest part is of course the people that we've left behind.  There is nothing easy about leaving people that you love and see on a regular basis.  Especially ones that love your kids more than you ever thought possible and wrap a blanket of love around your family just by being in the same room.  The two people that I'm referring to are Ron's parents.  Joey, Katelyn, and Olivia's Nana and Pop-Pop.  No one could ask for better in-laws.  (It feels weird to me to even call them that, because they really feel more like a second set of parents to me.)   I never anticipated feeling so close and connected to my husband's family, but they are hard not to get attached to.

Since our move south a year and a half ago I've worried that my kids wouldn't maintain the special bond with their grandparents that I feel is really important.  This weekend was a true testament to the fact that losing the connection is simply not going to happen.  Although our visits go by too quickly, and it breaks my heart to say goodbye, my three little kids are as attached to these two special individuals as they are to the people they see every day.

I mean who else is going to lay on the floor and let you put stickers all over them, face and all?

I think Pop-Pop got so into it he even put stickers on himself a few times...

I will treasure this picture always.  If you look carefully, you can see that my little boy is laying his hand and his head on his Pop-Pop's hand.  His true best friend in life, he was so happy to have him around for a few days and this picture say it all.

We all enjoyed a trip to the children's museum, and all the kids got a kick out of trying on these goggles.

Pop-Pop too.

Afterwards we went out for hot dogs and ice cream, where Joey was spontaneously serenaded an oldies song.  (title slips my mind at the moment...)  Can't you just feel the love from this picture?  I can.

Then it was birthday party time!  Minnie-mouse style, of course.  (My sister made the Minnie Mouse cake!  Want a cake made to order?  Let me know, I'll get you her info!)

Daddy and Pop-Pop stayed up really late putting together Katelyn and Olivia's new sets of wheels.

Clearly worn out the next day, here they are getting ready for the party:

A few shots of the birthday girls:

And their super enthusiastic big brother:

Olivia cracked up at her singing Minnie-Mouse card from her Na. (great grandma in Connecticut)

The weekend was topped off by another special celebration.  My hubby and I have been married for 7 years.  Aren't we adorable?

So despite the fact that they brought the ridiculously cold New England weather with them, we had an amazing visit.  There was lots of hugs, laughs, snuggles, and special moments.  And although it is never going to be easy to say goodbye for 3 more months until our next visit, I can say with 100% certainty that my children will forever have a very special bond with these two people.  Even at their young ages, my kids know how much Nana and Pop-Pop love them.  They know that they will always have their love and support, and the memories we create when we're together will keep us connected for the time that we're apart.



Alyssa said...

Those are adorable pics.....Looks like you guys had an amazing time. Can't wait to see you.

Nana said...

MaryEllen you are an amazing daughter-in-law and writer. Your words are so beautiful and tender.
I cherish the pictures you brought to life so wonderfully.
Love you all so much miss you like crazy Love Mom

Erin said...

great post M.E.!! love the pics... can't believe those girls are TWO!


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