Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thrift Store Finds

My kids grow out of and/or ruin their clothes faster than I can get the tags off.  For that reason, I try to get their clothes as cheap as possible.  I've shopped at consignment sales, consignment shops, and thrift stores for my kids attire, and I have to say that the good old thrift shop is where it's at as far as the most bang for your buck.  My general rule of thumb when purchasing previously owned clothes for my kids is if it costs less than what I can buy it on sale at Kohls with a coupon, I buy it.  It also has to (obviously) be in excellent condition. 

In recent experience, I have found that clothes on consignment are priced according to brand name more than they are according to condition.  For example, a 7-seasons ago sweater from the Gymboree covered with pills and probably a small stain is usually priced higher than an entire outfit from Carters new with the tags attached.  And it's for that very reason that I try to avoid shopping at places like that.  Like I said, if I can get something brand new for 3 or 4 bucks a piece at a store like Kohls or Target, there is no way I'm gonna pay 7 or 8 dollars for something used.  Even if it does have a Gymboree label!

This weekend my sister and I took a little trip to one of my favorite places to score quality kids clothes at dirt-cheap prices.  It's a huge thrift store in town with a great selection of kids clothes at a one-price fits all attitude.  They happened to be running a BOGO special on kid's shorts (priced at $1.59each!), and all other items are buy 5 get the 6th for free.  At $2.39 a piece, how can you go wrong?  I managed to get 17 items in all for a total of $31.  (Including 4 2-piece PJ sets that were brand new!) That's less than 2 dollars each on average, and definitely fits into my lowest price rule.  Here are a couple of cute things that I scored for the girls:

I absolutely fell in love with this dress.  It's still a size too big for Katelyn (and about 2 1/2 sizes too big for teeny-tiny Olivia!), but I know we'll get plenty of use out of it in years to come!

Love, love, love the ribbon and lace detail:

Back view:

Denim skirt with leggings and boots this fall?  Um... yes, please!

Another adorable skirt great for lounging around:

I don't want to bore you with pictures of the other 14 items, but let's just say my trip was a huge success.  So, if you are like me and not wanting to pay an arm and a leg for clothes that your kids are going to wear for one season (or maybe not even, if they are anything like my dirty three...) I highly suggest checking out your local thrift shops, Goodwill Stores, and Salvation Army.  Sure, there are a lot of DUDS in these places, but also a lot of treasures to be found!


marie said...

great thrift store buys

Erin (a.k.a favorite cuz) said...

LOVE that dress! That alone is worth the $31. :)


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