Tuesday, March 13, 2012

My Next Million Dollar Idea...

Car Seat Pee-Pee Pads!  What mom of a potty-trainer doesn't think that an absorbent, waterproof pad wouldn't be helpful during those times when you just don't make it in time?  Seriously... genius.  (By the way, I have had many million-dollar-ideas... none of which I've actually made a penny from.)

You're probably wondering how I came up with this idea.  Or maybe you aren't wondering, and you're ready to click the x in the top right corner.  Either way, I'll tell ya.  The weather is getting warmer down south (set to hit 82 tomorrow!) and when I get in my car after it sits in the hot sun I noticed a faint familiar smell.  Baby pee.  Well, not really a baby anymore.  Almost 3-year old Olivia pee. 

Gross, I know, but it got me thinking that it's probably high time I take off that pain-in-the-*ss car seat cover and throw it in the good ole washing machine. Usually when someone has an accident in the car I try my best to soak up the fluid, and wipe the seat with a few Lysol wipes.  Because taking the pad off to wash it is a job that I absolutely dread.  It is always so hard to figure out how to get the damn straps back in, hook the elastic thingys back in the appropriate spot, etc. etc. etc.  And it's gross.  Once I take the cover off I become well aware of all of the yucky dropped cheerios, pop-tart pieces, Chicken McNuggets, spilled juice, etc.  And then I have to clean that off too!  Yuck, what a pain. 

Anyway, as I thought about the dreaded job of car seat cover cleaning I thought about how one could prevent their child's car-ride accidents from soiling the seat cover in the first place.  And thus, I came up with the idea for a car seat pee-pee pad.  Wouldn't that be great?  Your kid decides to take a pee while on the road... no problemo, just take the kid out of the seat, throw out the pad, put a new one down, and voila- you're good to go.  And it isn't something you'd have to do often (hopefully), or for a very long time span (hopefully), just change as needed, and in time your little one will get better at holding it.  I think it's a genius idea, and now that I've put it out there on the wonderful World Wide Web hopefully someone will create it so I can go to Walmart and get me some!

And that my friends is yet another reason why I am a potty-training champion.  (or maybe not... my kid is, after all, peeing in her car seat on a regular basis on occasion...) 

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Nell said...

We used a piddle pad for a while :).


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