Thursday, March 21, 2013

Kid Update

I realize I rarely use this blog for what it was once intended for.  Having a blog helped me in those early days of motherhood when I felt like I was going to lose it if I didn't at least laugh about it.  It was a fun way for me to channel my thoughts, share my pictures, and share new products and info from time to time.

However, I still really enjoy writing, and I have always been better at expressing myself via written language than verbally.  Any one who has ever gotten into a fight with me can attest to that.  I'm going to make an effort to carve out a little more time to get on here and blog once in a while.  My posts may not be funny, interesting, or shared on Facebook 63,000 times but I'm here for me.
Joey is really into The Wii right now.  Lego Star Wars pretty much consumes his thoughts, and we have a rule that the Wii stays off until 4pm on weekdays.  Sometimes I'm thankful that he can't tell time so he doesn't know that I'm breaking my own rule when I let him start playing at 3:15 noon.

Olivia is Joey's shadow.  She goes where he wants her to, plays how he wants her to, and laughs at everything he does.  She is everything a 5 year old boy would want in a little sister.  She spends a good deal of each day pretending that she's an animal.  Usually a doggie named Minnie.  A black one.

Katelyn is Miss Independent.  She plays how she wants, and is usually right by my side while the other two are off playing the Wii doing something educational.  She loves make-believe, and taking care of her babies.  She is very musical, and will sit for hours listening to songs and singing along.

So there you have it.  A little update about my kids, and a intent to blog more from me.  Now I'm off to my sewing studio to work on a dress for my little spunky monkey.

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