Monday, June 24, 2013

What I made: Father's Day Edition

My husband and I usually keep things simple when it comes to exchanging gifts with each other.  We are a family of 5 on a teacher's budget, so spending money on frivolous gifts for each other when the holidays roll around has never been super important to us.  We love simple things: going out to eat as a family (even if it's Chick Fil A!), taking a trip to a new park, or just hanging around the house together.  Now don't get me wrong... someday I hope to get a whopper of an anniversary gift that has some serious bling factor.  You know, like someday when we hit the lottery.  But for now, being around for our kids is more important than spending money on stuff we just don't need.

Now I'm not saying we have a "no gift" policy up in here.  We love presents.  I mean seriously, who doesn't LOVE presents?  But we don't buy things we can't afford, or normally wouldn't.  A well thought out gift that says "I love you," is far more important in my opinion than something that cost big bucks that was purchased out of obligation.

Father's Day was no different for us this year.  We are getting ready to go out of town this month, so we've been extra careful about spending, trying to make sure that we have some fun money during our trip.  But my hubby really is an amazing Dad, so I needed a Father's Day gift that had some wow factor without breaking the bank.  (Or breaking a 20 if I'm brutally honest...) So where's a girl to turn for some meaningful gift giving inspiration?  Pinterest, naturally.  I found several cute ideas for the kids and I to replicate for Father's Day this year.  And I'm proud to say that I actually put my pinning to good use and our gifts for my hubby were Pinterest knock offs.  And he LOVED them.  He actually said that it was the best gift he's ever received.  How's that for $7.98?  Yup... I spent less than 10 bucks on his gift and it was declared Best.Gift.Ever.  Score!  The original pins can be found here, and here.

When I first saw this photo collage, I just knew it was the perfect gift for my hubby.  So I took an old white board that I had in my collection of (haven't been used in 6 years, but yes we have to hold on to all of it) teaching supplies.  With the help of some Chalkboard paint from Walmart ($2.99) I turned it into a brand new chalkboard for our project.  This was the first time I actually used Chalkboard Paint.  And oh my goodness, what was I waiting for?  I want to turn lots of stuff into chalkboards now.... seriously, so fun!
I put a couple childish-looking decorations along the edge of the board, and asked my kiddos why they love their daddy.  Then we took to the front porch for a little photo session, and voila!

I then grabbed one of these awesome graphics, made available for free download at Positively Splendid.
And with a little help from Picasa Editing Software, I was able to make this awesome collage:

I uploaded that badboy to Walgreens photo, entered my promo code for a free 8x10 collage print in honor of Dad's Day, and drove over 47 minutes later to pick it up.  For free.  Yup.  I'm awesome like that.

A couple days later, I picked up one of these funky frames at Michaels Craft Stores.  It was one of the few frames NOT on sale that week, so I was able to use my 50% off coupon and got it for $4.99.

Insert photo collage into frame, had kids fill out a few of these free printable cards from Martha Stewart, and there you have it.  A great gift for the hubs that cost less than a coffee from Starbucks.  Well... maybe not quite, but you get the idea.

**Please excuse my not so great cell phone picture of the final product.  It's not easy to get a picture of a picture with the glass already in the frame.  And I'm not taking it apart now.  Ain't nobody got time for that!

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