Saturday, October 5, 2013

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum

Well, we weren't exactly on our way to the forum, more like our house, but the title just struck me as I decided to write this...

After my last blog post I figured it was time for something light hearted, and Olivia provided the inspiration for just that as we walked home from my sister's house this evening.

My children wear Crocs 75% of the time all year round. And I love it. However, these rubber shoes can be as annoying as they are convenient, because it is inevitable that someone will get a rock, piece of mulch, sand, or other foreign object stuck in their shoe while we're out for a walk or playtime, holding up the whole group or activity to remove said object.

True to form, about 20 yards away from my sister's house Olivia shouts at us all to stop as she leisurely sat down so on the curb to remove the mulch from her Croc. Moments after she sat down, she declares in a panic, "I'm peein' Momma!" Sure enough, the curb is wet, and a trickle of urine is streaming down between my daughter's legs. The other two kids stare at me with that "what are ya gonna do now, mom?" look, to which I responded, "At least it was in the street." I mean seriously, what was I supposed to do? Rinse off the curb? I don't think so... Dogs pee all over the freakin' place. And apparently, so does my kid.

And with that, we continued our walk home. Well, Olivia's was more that damp pants waddle kinda walk. ;)

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