Monday, September 17, 2007

A Couple Again

We went on a date. Ron's mom came over to visit on Saturday night and encouraged us to go out to dinner. I was apprehensive at first, and it was hard to leave Joey but we did and it was great! We only went to Friendly's (closest restaurant from home that didn't have a wait!) but it was nice to eat my burger with 2 hands (usually one is on the food, the other on the binky) and take our time. We talked about adult things, and really just enjoyed being together. I think we were gone all of an hour and a half, but it was well spent! And Joey was fine. I knew he would be, it was myself I was worried about! :)

It is freezing in my house right now.... we are all bundled up. Is September 17 too early to turn the heat on? I think it is. Ron would kill me. But Ron's not here...

I don't have anything very interesting to write about this morning. Guess I'll go do laundry.

Does anyone read this anyway or am I blogging to myself? I have very few comments and often wonder who I'm writing to....


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