Wednesday, October 3, 2007

A Full Night's Sleep?!?!?!

Joey wasn't feeling well yesterday and I was really beginning to think that he was coming down with something. He may still be... it is only 7:22 in the morning, and the fussiness doesn't usually kick in until about 12noon.

Last night in an effort to attain as much sleep as possible, I quickly rushed to bed when he went down (causing me to sacrifice the last 20 minutes of 'The Biggest Loser') because I didn't know how long I'd get to sleep before my little cranky-pants woke up. Imagine my surprise when that didn't happen until 5:30AM. That's right, folks... Joey slept for 8 straight hours! 8 hours! The last time I slept for 8 solid hours was probably around July 15th or sooner! I was so excited. I have to hide my excitement from Joey though... maybe if I act like it doesn't matter he'll do it again tonight. I'm trying reverse psychology on my 2 month old... a tad pathetic, I know.

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