Tuesday, October 9, 2007

Oooooooh... I play with these... I get it...

Some of you foul-minded readers may be deceived by the title of this post... I won't even go into what you may be considering I finally figured out... NOT THE CASE!
Joey played with a toy today for the first time. I put a rattle in his hand and he was so amused at the fact that he could move it to his mouth. He sat in his bouncy seat for a good 20 minutes moving it around and trying (most often missing) to catch it with his tongue. It was awesome to see him learning and growing right before my very eyes! Here he is so happy with his new toy (notice the substantial amount of drool on his shirt):
I am amazed at how much he has changed in just 12 weeks! I watched some of the video footage that we first took in the hospital and when we first arrived home, and it really takes my breath away at how quickly it all goes by!

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