Monday, November 12, 2007

I Caved...

I can't get Joey to sleep through the night. And I'm done trying. I'm more tired now after "sleep training" for 5 days than I was before. He cries and cries and cries in the night and I lay awake for hours. Not just during the crying... I lay awake after it wondering if I did the right thing?; is he really asleep?; should I sneak in to check on him?; when will he wake up again?; is he hungry?; did he poop?; is he cold?; etc. etc. etc. And last night, a new question came to my mind... how on earth is my husband capable of sleeping through all that racket? So I quit. I thought we were making progress and getting into a routine of him crying it out at the 4 hour mark, getting up to eat 7-8 hours after he goes to bed and then last night the little bugger threw a wrench into the entire program by not eating at all before he went to bed sooooooo tired, and waking up starving at 12:30am. I'm soooooooooo done. Don't ask me what I'm going to do now because I have no bloody idea, but it won't be cry it out. I feel like crying it out. I just might. So I'll probably have the 2 year old that is still waking in the middle of the night. Whatever. That's fine.

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Teresa said...

don't worry : ) it will all work out. I really do suggest you read a sleep training book. I would read it completely before you sleep train. It doesn't work without the method. The method is complex, that might be one of the reasons it didn't work the first time. I really liked Healthy Sleep Habits Healthy Child. Whenever your ready, be it two more months or a year, the book will help you understand how to do it. Ferber's book is wonderful also. But don't worry, Joey is still only three months old. And know that you are a wonderful mother and that's what is most important!


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