Saturday, December 8, 2007

Say Cheeeeeese!

Ron and I made total idiots of ourselves the other day in an effort to get Joey to smile for our Christmas card. While we performed a 2-man circus, Joey just sat there staring at us like we were nuts for even thinking this would go well. It was like he knew it was important, and therefore refused to cooperate. Because as soon as I changed his clothes and put the camera away he was all giggles and smiles. Bugger.

We did eventually get a good one. On a different day, after washing the outfit (again), and offering new and improved circus tricks. And it's not even that good.

I think this is far better, it really captures the mood:

Or this one shows how much we really pissed him off:

1 comment:

Teresa said...

OK maybe this is mean. I love the one where he is really mad. He looks so fricking cute. I really want a copy of that. He looks SO CUTE. : )


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