Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Can't Blame a Girl for Trying

I was determined to get out of the house today. The weather has been crappy on and off for weeks, Joey has been miserable with a runny nose, cough, ear infections, etc. And the babies are still portable and usually content to sit in their car seats or stroller while Joey plays at the park. That was NOT the case today. Within minutes of arriving at the park Olivia was crying. I take her out of her seat to discover that she has had a major blow out. Easy fix, right? Just change her diaper, wipe her up, and put her in the extra set of clothes that every mom is supposed to carry in the diaper bag. Slight problem: No extra set of clothes. (I should have left at this point.) It gets worse. Katelyn begins to cry, Olivia is now naked and hungry, and Joey seems to be enjoying himself on the playground. So, I decide I'll wrap Olivia in a blanket, nurse her in one arm and hold the bottle for Katelyn in the car seat with the other arm. Well that did not go as planned. Minutes into this feeding frenzy Joey decides he needs everything he can think of. "Nack (snack), Maaa (milk), Waaa (water)..." So I throw some goldfish crackers at him and wish that I put everyone back in the car a long time ago. Now I'm so far into this mess I don't really know how to get myself out of it without everyone unhappy and in tears. Joey is now soaked- the bottom of the slide was wet, he is also covered in damp and sticky sand, Olivia can't latch on because I'm moving so much to deal with the other two, Katelyn's bottle won't stay put, and I'm beyond frazzled. So, I just ditch all efforts to keep everyone happy and pack them back in the car despite LOUD protesting from all three. We got home and it took me a good hour to meet every one's needs. The best part was finding the pretty drawings that Joey made on the kitchen table with his crayons! Now it's naptime. Ahhhh.

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Kate S. said...

Sounds like you are handling it all as best as possible. Sorry that the three conspired against you. Unforunately for you, it probably won't be the last time.

Good thing they are all adorable!


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