Monday, July 20, 2009

A Place to Pee

Ron has been working feverishly to remodel our main bathroom. Something we should have done long ago instead of living with it looking crappy for all this time. Call it our own version of "Designed to Sell." (maybe...) Anyway, I am glad to report that the toilet is installed! I hate having to go upstairs to pee all day. To some, this may be interpreted as pure laziness. However, with a toddler who can't be trusted to not climb the walls when left unattended, my bathroom visits have been rushed and stressful during Joey's wakeful hours. I've been literally running up the stairs, into the bathroom, praying all the while that Joey doesn't break something, color on something, hurt himself (or someone), or decide that today is the day he'll attempt to hang from the ceiling fan. That being said, I'm glad to have the convenience of a toilet on the first floor back in full effect for tomorrow.

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