Tuesday, February 9, 2010

WeBlog! Mini-Conference!

I love blogging.  In any given day I find myself thinking, "I should blog about this," several times.  Granted, I don't always remember or get the opportunity to (thanks to the pesky little children who live here!), but I'm thinking about blogging constantly.  When I get on the computer at night and go through the blogs that I read or post to my own blog, I feel free.  I feel connected and important.  I spend so much time at home changing diapers, making bottles, nursing, preparing toddler-friendly meals, and playing with my kids.  It is so nice to have a place like the blogosphere to feel accomplished and connected at the end of the day.

Tonight I came across a great little event that I would just love to go to:  http://www.weblogconference.com/

Co-Founded by: 3 Boys and a Dog http://www.3boysandadog.com/, and The Post-It Place http://www.thepost-itplace.com/, The 2010 WeBlog! Mini-Conference will meet as a focus group to discuss the future of Blogging Conferences and what will occur at the 2011 WeBlog! Conference.  How great would it be if I got to go?

On May 16th-18th, the WeBlog! Conference Focus Group will be meeting in Gatlinburg, TN to discuss what will go on at the 2011 WeBlog Conference. I am trying to take my blogging to new levels lately, and have been dreaming of attending a "blogging conference."  I'd love to learn more about blog design, working with sponsors and advertisers, as well as how to make my stories stand out and entertain.  I really think I could bring great things to this conference.  I like to think that I have a good way of communicating with people.  When I'm involved in a group discussion, I'm not afraid to speak up, speak out, or share my ideas.  I know what I (and other mom-bloggers) want out of a Blog Conference and I think I would do a great job representing.
This post is part of my entry to be selected to be included in this awesome event.  Also, if chosen, I'll be staying FREE at the beautiful Glenstone Lodge: http://www.glenstonelodge.com/ thanks to Discovery: http://discoverystore.com/.  And most of the meals will be included too, thanks to the awesome sponsors for this event!  It sounds so good, I kinda wish it was my idea.  But it wasn't, so I'll just feel super lucky if I get to go!

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