Saturday, March 20, 2010


All moms bribe their kids.  Those that say they don't are lying.  Seriously.  Bribery is a neccessary little trick in the back pocket of every mom. (and dad too!)  I have found that most melt downs can be prevented with a sneaky little bribe.  The good news is that Joey made it through the day without very many melt downs.  The bad news is that Joey was bribed a lot today.  Like, a lot more than usual.  I'm going to recount all the ways that we bribed him and vow to do less of it tomorrow:
  • Joey wanted to go to the park.  Mommy and Daddy wanted to drive around looking at real estate.  Mommy bought Joey a doughnut and apple juice (breakfast of champions) so he would quietly watch Toy Story in the car while we drove around looking at houses.  Then we went to the park.
  • Joey wanted to stay at the park.  Katelyn, Olivia, Mommy, and Daddy had had enough of the park.  I told Joey if he stopped whining and got in the car without a fuss he could play with my headset.  (he thinks this is "vewry fun.")
  • Joey didn't want to eat his grilled cheese sandwich for lunch.  Daddy told Joey if he ate 2 more bites he could have a pear.  (he's a fruit addict.)
  • Joey didn't want to take a nap.  It was sooooo nap time.  Mommy told Joey if he went to sleep she would take him for a walk when he woke up.
  • Joey wanted a cookie before dinner.  What he really needed to do was go potty and wash his hands after more playing at the park.  Mommy told Joey if he went potty and washed his hands he could have his cookie.  Before dinner. (gasp!)
  • Joey came accross Aladdin on TV after dinner.  He wanted to watch it instead of getting ready for bed.  Daddy told Joey that he would pause Aladdin while he was in the bath and getting his jammies on, and he could watch it before bed.
  • Joey did not want to go to bed because he was still watching Aladdin.  Daddy told Joey that he would pause Aladdin all night long, and he could watch it in the morning. (the magic of DVR at work...)
So there you have it.  7 ways that we reasoned with our two-year old through bribery today.  And those are just the ones that I can think of right now.  There are definately could be more.

Now spill it!  What are some ways that you've bribed your child lately??? I need some new ideas to hear that other moms do this so I don't feel so alone.


Kathryn said...

I bribed my kids with muscle shirts today!!! I told them I would buy them each a horrible shirt with NO SLEEVES, if they got their hair cut; The way that I wanted it cut!!
It worked!
Jack was bribed to sit in the salon chair for a couple of dum dum pops!!
Whatever works! I am too tired otherwise!

Christy said...

LOL, I can completely relate! I can't think of any bribes at the moment, but I did recently vow to make sure that I have plenty of goldfish and cereal in the diaper bag to use as bribes and avert meltdowns at the store. :)



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