Thursday, March 18, 2010

Getting Snubbed

We all know what it feels like to get "snubbed" by someone who you thought enjoyed your company.  I think it happens to all of us at some point in life. (middle school, anyone?)  Well, yesterday I experienced a snub reminiscent of my middle school days.

My nephew, Matthew loves a party.  He uses any holiday as an excuse to throw a party, and St. Patrick's Day was no different.  So I dressed my kiddos in their St. Pattie's Day shirts, made some green cupcakes, loaded the little ones up in the wagon, and walked across the complex to my sister's apartment.  We feasted on green spaghetti (a real Irish meal, I know), and had a great time.  Matthew set the table with festive Shamrock ribbons, and even made a poster to celebrate the occasion.  He was pretty freakin' adorable.

As the evening concluded and my children were ready for bed we packed up our stuff, reloaded the wagon with children, and headed for home.  Tyler, my 12-year old nephew was outside on his bike.  I figured we'd cross paths with him on our walk.  We did, only it did not go the way I thought it would.  Tyler was standing with his bike talking to 3 other tweenage boys on their bikes.  Ron whispered to me that Tyler had been looking for a way to strike up a conversation with these kids all evening.  As we got closer, I fully expected Tyler to at least turn and wave goodbye to us.  Not so much.  That little twerp didn't even make eye contact.  In fact, everytime I turned to look at him he'd look away.  In disbelief that I was suddenly not cool enough to be acknowledged I said to Ron, "should we say goodbye to him?"  Ron, having been a 12-year old boy at one point in time, said, "No way.  It would be like so NOT cool of him to talk to us right now."  So we walked right by, didn't even exchange glances, not a wink, not a wave, nothin'.  We were officially snubbed.

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