Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Little Mommy

I've recently discovered that Olivia is the caretaker of the group around here.  She gets very concerned when one of the other kids cries, and always tries to find a way to soothe them.  She really is quite the little mommy, often patting their backs, finding their blankies, and sharing her toys without complaint.  Here are a couple adorable examples of her sweetness:
  • Soothing:  At the YMCA Nursery, Katelyn started whining and Olivia walked across the room to find her blankie and binkie, walked back to Katelyn, handed her the blankie, inserted the binkie into her mouth, and sat down next to her.
  • Patient:  While all three munchkins stood at my feet anxiously waiting for me to pour and pass out 3 sippy cups of juice, Olivia took each cup and handed them to her siblings before taking the last one for herself.  Just like a mom.  Serve others first, then serve yourself.
  • Sharing:  When Katelyn's bowl of animal crackers was empty she started to yell for more.  Olivia, who was quietly sitting enjoying her own bowl of animal crackers, noticed this, and brought her bowl to Katelyn to for sharing.
  • Helpful:  When we are getting ready to leave the house I can say something like, "Olivia, go find the shoes," and she will do just that.  She will bring me all 6 little shoes to strap onto 3 sets of little feet.
  • Loving:  Olivia loves being loved.  She is a snuggler, a cuddler, and a kisser.  She shows such affection for each of her siblings and us.  As a mom I can never kiss and hug my kids enough.  Olivia is the same way.  She just never gets tired of being hugged and kissed. 
  • Listens Well:  When we leave the house, I'll push the buttons on my key chain to open the car doors.  Then I'll say, "Everyone go get in your seats," as I collect the bags, lock the house, and try to keep anyone from getting injured on their way out.  Olivia will do exactly as I say.  She will carefully step out of the house, turn around to go off the 4-inch step from our porch, and walk down the little path to the car.  Then she will stand at the opened door of the car until I get there and lift her in.  She will find her way to the waaaaay back, climb up on the seat, and wait for me to buckle her in.
As our children get older their personalities show more and more, and it is truly fascinating to watch them develop from tiny babies to little people.  What I've described for you tonight is just one part of little Olivia's big personality.  She is also very opinionated, stubborn, spunky, silly, and lives up to that red-headed expectation of being a little firecracker.  I love my sweet girl for all that she is.

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