Sunday, October 24, 2010

A Place For Your Bum

As with many young couples, we have found ourselves inheriting a lot of our furniture from family members who no longer needed it.  Take our dining room for example: every piece of furniture in there came from my mom's old house.  We have a beautiful antique china cabinet, a matching buffet, and a gorgeous dining set that is in really great condition.  Well, all except for the chairs.  The seat cushions are in rough shape (thanks to a bunch of little kids who shall remain nameless,) and in desperate need of repair/recovering/replacement.  So I've been doing some shopping and browsing for ideas on what I can do to help my poor chairs.  Dining chairs are plentiful at CSNStores, and they have so many to choose from.  In fact, CSNStores has so much of everything to chose from, it has been my go-to site whenever I'm in the mood for a little online shopping.  (which is like, everyday.)

CSNStores will soon be sponsoring a gift certificate giveaway here on Thou Shall Not Whine, so you might want to head on over to their site to check out what they've got...

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