Friday, October 8, 2010

Say What?

We've been stuck at home a lot this week.  What started as "allergies," has now turned into a full-blown cold for Joey.  His voice is even all raspy.  Without being able to play with any of our friends, my kids tend to get a bit bored.  So this morning I had to come up with something new to play with.  That's when I remembered my stash of Playdough.  The girls are finally getting to the age where they don't always put everything in their mouths, and playdough is non-toxic anyway, so I busted out our collection while we played on the patio this morning.
I have issues with getting all the playdough colors mixed up, so I tend to only open 1 or 2 containers at a time.  The remaining containers were still in the zip-loc bag that holds all of our playdough stuff.  Joey spotted them and told me that he "neeeeeeeeeeeeeeds those."  I said that we had enough out already, and to go play with the 2 that were on the table.  He continued to try to climb the patio furniture to get within reach of the additional playdough containers as I said that he needed to put his listening ears on and play with what we already had out.  He obliged by reaching up to his ears and 'flipping the on switch.'  After he did that, he grabbed hold of the extra playdough containers and began trying to pry them open. "Joey, I told you we aren't opening those.  You need to put them back because you just put your listening ears on."  His immediate response, "No I didn't. I put my naughty ears on so I could open this playdough."

SAY WHAT?  I am in so much trouble with this one....


alyssa said...

At least he is honest :)

marie said...

It reminds me of Andrew throwing his listening ears down. Most kids just don't want to listen. Aren't they all adorable!! I can say this because I'm the Grammy!!


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