Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kids Say The Darndest Things...

I titled this post after the infamous Bill Cosby show, because I think it to myself at least once a day lately.  I think it's not until you become a parent and spend a good 70% of your time conversing with people less than 3 feet tall that you don't realize how funny their little minds are.

A couple of silly things my kids (and those around them) have said lately:
  • While putting Joey to bed I asked him what he wants me to pack in his lunch box for school tomorrow.  His response: A Blueberry Pie.
  • A conversation between siblings: Joey: What's your name? Olivia: Sissy. Joey: Who do you love? Olivia: Sissy. Joey: What's your favorite color? Sissy.  This went on for several more questions until Joey and I were laughing so hard he couldn't ask anymore.
  • While drumming on the bottom of a flipped over big tin garbage can last week Joey suddenly started chanting my swear word of choice.  That's right... my son was drumming right along saying, "f***, f***, f***, f***" to the beat.  Even better?  His 2 year old cousin quickly chimed in and the two of them were loudly drumming and swearing in unison.  I didn't actually witness this happening, but was later told about it by my mother in-law.  Awesome.  Thanks Joey for ratting out your potty-mouthed mother.
  • My sister and I work at the same preschool as of this week, so we carpool the 25 minutes to work with all the kids in the car. (my three, and her one)  As we are driving along my nephew Jack (3.5yrs) declares, "I see a bunny over there!"  Joey quickly responds, "Where?!?!"  Jack answers, "You missed it Joey." Less than 30 seconds later Jack says, "I saw a cow out there!" Hoping for a glimpse Joey excitedly says, "Where?!?!" Jack's response, "You missed it again Joey."  Then it was the bunny again, and so on and so forth.  My sister and I sat in the front seat shaking with silent laughter while Jack continued to point out a myriad of animals that we didn't actually drive by while Joey missed seeing each and every one, never even catching on the fact that Jack didn't see any animals either.  It was probably the highlight of my Kids Say The Darndest Things post...
That's it for now.  What have your kids said lately???  Leave me a comment to tell me to be entered to win a prize.  Just kidding, there is no prize.  But a comment would be nice just to let me know you're out there. ;)

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marie said...

this blog is just too funny...these guys are a funny bunch...


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