Monday, January 14, 2008

Best Friends... well, sort of

Joey and Daisy have discovered each other. I don't know which is the more interested party, but Daisy is definately getting the short end of the stick out of this situation. She has been carefully approaching and sniffing the baby since we brought him home from the hospital, and until recently that has worked out just fine for her. However, Joey has started to pay attention to her and before she can retreat he grabs onto her with a death grip (usually somewhere on her head, face, or ears.) Poor Daisy just stands there pathetically until he lets go. Sometimes she'll try licking his fingers or nudging his hand with her nose. She has not growled at him or shown any aggression whatsoever, so that has been a relief. I still watch carefully though, b/c some day she might get pissed at his grabbing and grab back. I'm just wondering when she will learn her lesson and stay clear of this little person. When he does let go she runs for dear life, but her memory must be like that of a goldfish, becuase she returns moments later like the whole thing never happened. I feel like Joey is saying, "ha... you came back, you dumb little dog..."

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