Monday, January 14, 2008

I'm addicted

I'm addicted to shopping. It's official. It doesn't help that every store that I go into has super gigantic clearance prices going on. Today I was at Old Navy and got 2 sweatshirts for Joey for $2.49 each! Also a few onesies for a dollar each, and socks for $0.24! Who can pass that up? Seriously. But it's every where I go. It's like the sales are haunting me. I got him 2 jackets for the spring at Macy's for $3.48 each on Saturday. With prices like that it is very hard to stop myself.

And let's not just blame Joey here. I also got some new towels for the bathroom, $100 worth of new clothes for Ron, my most favorite soap from Bath and Body Works, and some new clothes for me too. Don't worry. All of what I purchased is 100% necessary. I swear.

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