Saturday, January 19, 2008

Mom's Day Out

When Joey was really little I didn't want to leave him. Not with daddy, not with anyone. I was just too anxious, and the thought of being away from him was a bit overwhelming. Now that he's a little older, and goes much longer between feedings, and is on a "regular" nap schedule I look forward to taking a break by myself. Usually I just go out to the store or run errands but today was so much better than that.

You appreciate things like going to the movies so much more when you have a child. Kate and I went to see Juno at a ridiculously cheap movie theater with really deliciously greasy popcorn and very clean bathrooms. Joey stayed with Daddy, and I appreciated my time away in such a way that I never have before! Seeing Kate is always one of my favorite things to do anyway, so needless to say I'm a happy girl now. :)

Ron is taking classes Monday, Friday, and Saturdays until May, so I'm hoping I can hit up Joey's Grandma for some Saturday afternoon babysitting from time to time...

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The Earthworm & Hippo said...

Awwww...It was great to see you too. We have to do it again very soon.


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