Tuesday, August 12, 2008

For the love of

Hitting. It's official: he's a hitter. Within the last week Joey has taken up hitting Ron and I frequently. We've picked up on when he does it most and we're trying to eliminate some "triggers." I spent the weekend comforting myself that at least it's just Ron and I that he hits, not other kids, etc. Not so much. The little bugger whacked the crap out of his cousin Mollie yesterday on more than one occasion over a toy or something equally stupid. It's very hard to deal with. Especially because he is only 1. Most articles and books I've looked at talk about this behavior in 2-year olds +, so the discipline is not quite appropriate yet. Hard to believe that it was just one short year ago that Joey did nothing but lay around being adorable. He's definately still adorable, with a mean streak that's not so much.

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