Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Things I've Learned Today:

1. Do not waste all of your morning hunting for a cricket that has found it's way into your home. You will NOT find the cricket, only lots of dust, abandoned toys, and the occasional cheerio. This will only result in obvious vacuuming and as I said, you will NOT find the cricket.

2. Giving a 1 year old a chocolate chip cookie to eat so he is quiet in the car is only a good idea if bath time is immediately following; he (and his carseat) will be COVERED in chocolate.

3. Former homeowners who don't prime and/or paint walls before putting up (ugly) wallpaper are assholes.

4. A Comforter set should only be purchased if you are absolutely sure you are keeping it. This is not like purchasing a shirt to try on at home and simply return if you don't like it. We are 3 comforter sets into this fiasco and setting them up, repackaging them, and returning them to the store is a giant pain in my butt.

5. If a toddler only wants to eat various bread products with cream cheese for all 3 meals than he should be only be fed various bread products with cream cheese. It is just not worth the tantrum.

6. Do not waste additional time in the afternoon searching for cricket either. You will only realize that you didn't do a good job vacuuming the first time. And to make matters worse, you still will NOT find the cricket.

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