Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Noodle In The Nose

I think every mom has a story like this. Tonight Joey and I were alone for dinner while Ron continued to work on the bathroom masterpiece. Towards the end of the meal I went back in the kitchen to retrieve more corn for Joey. At that time he decided that was a perfect opportunity to experiment with his food. And by experiment I mean put it in his nostril. And by food I mean a macaroni noodle. I only panicked slightly as I looked up his little nose and saw the end side of one of those skinny noodles stuck way up. He was completely calm about the whole ordeal. In fact he just kept saying "noodle nose mommy." He even continued to eat his corn by the handful. After trying unsuccessfully to get Joey to blow his nose while I covered his other nostril I realized that I was going to need to get in his nose to get the noodle out. As I walked away to get some tweezers I heard him sneeze. I turned around with excitement and saw one lone boogery macaroni noodle on his tray. I looked up his nose to be sure he didn't shove more than one noodle in and was glad to have an unobstructed view of his nasal passages. Some might call this gross, I call it relief as this particular incident did not require a trip to the doctor or Emergency Room. As I said, I'm pretty sure every mom has a story like this. So let's hear it!


Kathryn said...

That is so gross!!! Matthew had a button in his nose for a week!!!

Anonymous said...

Noodle nose mommy, love it :)

marie said...

I my mothering experiences I have had a rock in my daughters nose, corn in a neighbors nose and even a quarter in a young adults nose that required needle NOSE pliers to pull it out. I can add this to my list


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