Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Toy Tornado

My husband is generally not one to comment on the state of the house when he comes home from work.  He always notices if I went above and beyond and did something major, (like vacuum) but he typically doesn't pay much attention to the random scattering of toys underfoot as he tries to walk through the door.  Until yesterday.  He actually walked in the living room and said, "Whoa, what happened in here?"  For him to notice the disastrous state of our living space means that it was just that.  A disastrous state.

It rained here in Raleigh all day yesterday.  And I decided early in the morning that it was just too cold, wet, and miserable outside to make an attempt to take my children anywhere.  Plus, I had mountains of laundry to do, dinner to prepare, and 100 Valentine's Day cookies to work on for Saturday.  So I had more than enough things to occupy myself inside the apartment for the day. 

My children on the other hand, couldn't seem to find any one thing to occupy themselves.  They went from one toy to the next, scattering and tossing everything in their path.  I saw toys from the bottom of the toy bucket that I haven't seen since October.  At one point in the afternoon, as I cleaned up the dishes in the kitchen, (again!) I watched Joey actually pick up a plastic container full of baby toys, flip it's entire contents onto the floor, and move on to destroy another area of my living room.  Think I'm exaggerating?  The proof is in the pudding:

The bucket:

And it's contents:


JillDunn said...

My house always looks like that and it generally is throughout the house. One day I was in the bathroom and as I looked around all I could think was there is not one room in my house that does not have a toy or a pile of kids books in it. Even as I am typing Ryan is dumping out buckets of toys to find the one toy he wanted.

Kathryn said...

Funny, He dumped out that bucket twice while I was babysitting today!!

Sassy Salsa girl said...

You've just described a typical day at my house. Lol!
PS-I have given you an award back at my blog, because you absolutely crack me up :D

Sunny said...

"and move on to destroy another area of my living room."

That sentiment gave me an ironic chuckle in its familiarity. But instead of toys, it was more often beds, because they're always there and easier to get to than sealed buckets, I suppose. The kid would get up in bed and begin throwing/kicking/pushing every pillow and scrap of fabric off and onto the floor until it was completely stripped. Sigh..


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