Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It's Fun To Stay At The Y-M-C-A!

*Sorry to disappoint... this blog post is not going to have lyrics from the Village People's infamous 1978 hit song, I just thought it was a good title.*

I already mentioned that we recently joined the local YMCA.  We are really thrilled with the facility so far, and I feel like we are getting more than our money's worth out of our membership there.  I am not a huge fan of working out, but I am a huge fan of eating; because of this I think that working out is more than necessary.  And believe it or not, having a YMCA membership actually makes me want to go work out.  Isn't that crazy?  And no, the YMCA did not pay me in any way, shape, or form to say that.  It is just absolutely true. 

I'm pretty sure the #1 reason I enjoy working out at the Y is because it means I get a break from my children.  I have been a Stay-at-home-mom for 3 years now, and let me tell ya, it takes a toll on a girl.  Physically, mentally, emotionally, intellectually (mommy-brain, anyone?).  There have been days (more than I'd like to admit) where I don't interact face-to-face with someone who doesn't share my DNA.  So our YMCA membership has definitely been liberating for me in that I'm finally able to get some "me" time while my children are being cared for in a nurturing age-appropriate setting. 

Another reason I'm seriously enjoying this undertaking is the facility itself.  This is no dingy, dull, dusty, dirty, inner-city YMCA (sorry, Hartford).  The building itself is only a few years old, the equipment is state-of-the-art, and it has a great open-air, non-judgemental feel to it.

Now that I'm actually wanting to work out I get disappointed when I don't get to.  When someone is cranky, tired, or just otherwise generally miserable I don't dare take them to the Y Nursery.  Katelyn cries most of the time she's there anyway, so bringing her on a day that isn't already going her way just seems like cruel punishment for the staff.  They are not allowed to attend (for obvious reasons) if they are sick with a fever, cough, runny nose, etc.  Trouble is that with three young children there isn't often a day that one of my children doesn't have at least one of those symptoms.  OK, I'm exaggerating a bit, but sometimes it feels that way.

Week #1 went great: All three kids enjoyed playing in the Y Nursery.  I was able to work out, shower, blow dry my hair, put on makeup and pick up my children feeling refreshed, purposeful, and rejuvenated.

Week #2 was not so great: Katelyn HATED the drop off part, cried a lot while she was there, needed to be held more than her fair-share by the Y Nursery staff, and was restricted to a 1 hour visit instead of the standard 2.  Not terrible because I can still work out in an hour, but that leaves me going home sweaty, sticky, and still needing to find a spare 6 1/2 minutes to shower. (Blow drying my hair and applying makeup is usually out of the question once I'm back to mommy-mode.)

Week #3 of exercising was non-existant: In the beginning of the week Katelyn had a cough, followed by Joey, and Olivia's is still lingering...  We did, however begin using the pool during this week, and have been enjoying every minute of splish-splashing fun.  I figured coughing germs are probably killed by the chlorine, and it's not like the kids are drinking a lot of the pool water. ;)

Week #4 is yet to be determined: I worked out today, bringing only Joey with me; Katelyn was cranky and Olivia is still hacking so they stayed home with Daddy.  For the very first time since we've joined Joey cried and carried on when I left him at the Nursery.  He was aparently fine shortly thereafter, and I am praying that this does not become a habit.  Leaving one screaming kid is hard enough.  Leaving two may be more than this mom can handle.

I'm hoping that Week 5 of being YMCA members will bring healthy children, happy to go play, and possibly a pound of weight loss for me....

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