Monday, June 21, 2010

(Still) Getting Settled

You may have noticed that I've been a pretty infrequent blogger lately.  Or maybe you haven't noticed, and if that's the case you need to pay more attention to me.  Haha, just kidding.  Seriously though, I have had very little time or motivation to write about much of anything lately.  I feel like I've been on a wild roller coaster, and life is just whizzing by.  Up, Down, Upside down, Loop-dee-loop, Curve around, and........ STOP!  Then do it backwards in the dark.  Or something like that.

A few months ago we were told my husband would not be continuing his job that he only got a few months ago.  It felt like the rug was pulled out from beneath our just-getting-settled feet.  A hiring freeze was to blame, paired with budget cuts and terminating vs. continuing contracts.  A bunch of mumbo-jumbo that left us looking at another scary jobless existence.  We panicked big time.  We were ready to pack up this apartment and go back to Connecticut.  Not that he had a job there either, but we just became so very lost and scared, it seemed like running away was our only option.  Ron began spending hours on the phone and computer sending out resumes and making contacts.  It was like deja vu.  The really bad kind.  Luckily though, Someone was looking out for us because Ron went on a last-minute job interview at a brand new school in the area and landed the job that day.  We really felt like that was our sign that North Carolina is the right place for us to be.  He eagerly accepted the job and will be starting in a few short weeks when they are finished building the school.

Deciding once-and-for-all to make a life for our family in North Carolina feels liberating.  We've fallen in love with a neighborhood here, and are working hard to buy a house with a yard for our children to play in.  (more on that soon!) We've joined the YMCA which is an awesome facility with great workout equipment, childcare, and a fun pool that we've been enjoying immensely.  We are spending less time wondering if this is right for us and more time believing that it is and making it the best possible life we can give to our children.  We're dreaming of places to bring them, things to teach them, and even contemplating an exciting business venture (not telling yet...) in the kinda-near future.

And on top of all of that, I've got the usual mom-stuff: laundry, dishes, and child rearing, a couple of weekends of visitors, traveling, a big trip back North planned, a wedding to go to, and (hopefully) packing, moving, and unpacking very, very, very soon!

So if it seems like I've stopped blogging about fun things that my kids are doing, I haven't.  I've got lots of pictures on my memory card to share with you, I've got stories saved up in my head to tell, and I've got great companies that want to give away fun stuff on my blog to my faithful readers (you!)

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