Thursday, July 22, 2010

Do You Pull Up?

Joey has been fully daytime potty trained for quite some time now.  He still pees like a race horse at night, and is most often wet when he waked up from his nap.  So for the past year he has been wearing a diaper to bed.  Recently we've made the switch from diapers to Pull Ups for him.  I don't know why, honestly.  He never minded wearing a diaper for his naps and bedtime, but I had some coupons for Pull Ups that were expiring, so I figured maybe it would motivate him to be 1. more independent in "pulling it up himself," or 2. try to stay dry during his sleeping times. 

Well, I'm here to announce that we have negatives on both accounts.  Joey can not will not pull up his Pull Up.  Not even close, actually.  He wiggles and waggles and runs away from me, he cries that he can't do it himself, and tells me that mommy NEEEEEEEEEDS to do it.  Even if I help him step into it he can't pull the darn thing over his little tush.  And the one time he tried to, he ended up ripping up the side which irritated me because we wasted a perfectly good pee-collecting device.  So this whole pull up thing has left me wondering... what is the point?  They can't won't pull them up themselves, they are just as padded as a diaper, they hold a whole lot of the yellow stuff, never making the kid realize that he's got to go, so why bother?  Price per Pull Up is significantly more than the price per diaper, and if they don't help you in any way, why are we wasting our money?  Must be the super cool Cars, Toy Story 3, and other character designs. 

These things should be called, "A Glorified Overpriced Diaper that Mommy Must Still Put On You."  Because my kid is certainly not interested in pulling up his own Pull Up, and I honestly don't think he cares much about the cool characters on them.  Back to generic-brand diapers for this boy.  Good thing he still wears the same size as his sister, so I don't even have to make a special trip to the store!


Chrissy said...

We used Pull Ups for nighttime or naps only, and I didn't have trouble with my kids pulling them up. I didn't want to confuse them with using a diaper (since we wanted to be DONE with them), so I guess a Pull Up seemed like the right step to take. I think your kiddo will get it, especially if he can pull up underwear! :o)

Mary Ellen said...

You are right, they are a logical next step... I just thought it would make him more independent, but he's too stubborn and lazy to try to pull them up himself!


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