Wednesday, July 21, 2010

It's a Good Thing We're Moving...

because I got into a verbal altercation with one of the neighbors today.  One that I've never seen or met before.  And Joey was calling him "not nice" as I went back in the house.  Here is how it all went down:

I was super tired this afternoon after getting home from the gym.  All I wanted was for the kids to go to sleep so I could take a nap.  My nap was cut short when Joey came in my room and proceeded to wake me up.  Still tired, now grumpy, I dragged myself out of bed and poured myself a large glass of Diet Coke, wishing I could inject the caffeine directly into my blood stream instead.  I then leashed up the dogs (I'm watching Daisy's BFF, Ginger), and took Joey outside with me to let them do their duty.

As I stood on our front step right outside the door watching the dogs carefully select the perfect place to pee a large dog came charging at us from the other side of the parking lot.  Joey got nervous as all 3 dogs began obnoxiously barking at each other, and I stood frozen hoping this would not result in a scary dog fight or bite.  Meanwhile, as this dog came running at us it's owner stood watching from his stoop outside his apartment across the way.  He did not call for it, did not chase it down, and did not put a leash on it.  He stood watching, completely unconcerned about the fact that his dog was about to eat my dogs, followed by my child, and then me.

When the idiot neighbor finally did walk up as I was collecting my dogs and child to go hide inside, he muttered a meaningless, "sorry 'bout that."  I didn't even warrant that with a response, just hussled Joey, Daisy, and Ginger inside and waited for him to collect his big, scary dog and leave.  But he didn't. 

We have this large grassy area outside our apartment where all of the neighbors bring their dogs to crap.  I watched out the window as the guy stood on one side of it watching as his dog dropped a deuce right outside my door.  Then the guy said something to the dog, and began walking across the street back to his apartment.  WHAT?!?!  You are not only going to allow your dog to scare the bejesus out of me, my dogs, and my kid, but you also leave it's poop for some unsuspecting shoe to step in?  Oh no you don't, buddy.  Not on my watch.

When the dog was a safe distance away, I walked back outside.  The guy was still standing on his stoop waiting for his dog to join him.  The dog was still wandering on my side of the parking lot, further away from both me and it's owner.  Eventually the dog headed home to the guy, and just before he turned to walk back to his apartment I called out to him, "Oh, and don't worry about the dog poop.  Just leave it there.  That's awesome."  I knew he heard me but didn't bother to acknowledge me, instead he gave his dog 4-5 hard whacks and pushed it inside.  OH MY GOD.  This guy is unbelievable.  I couldn't help myself.  I knew I shouldn't have said anything, but I just couldn't hold my tongue. (big surprise there...)  "Oh, good.  Beat the dog up.  Because it's HER fault.  Maybe you should look into using a F***ing leash!"  Yes.  I dropped the F-bomb.  To a stranger.  In front of my kid.  (Mom of the year, right here...)  I was just so infuriated that this guy was being such a jerk and irresponsible dog owner.  And seeing him beating the dog was the last straw for me.  Because seriously, none of this was the dog's fault.  Not my finest moment, but I got my point across and that is always important to me.  And not to give him any credit, but he did put the dog inside, walk over to the doggie doo-doo station, get a green bag, and search the big grassy area for his dog's crap.  (I watched from inside with the door locked.)  I seriously doubt he did that to appease me, but probably more because we all got notes in our mailboxes last week about proper doggie poop etiquette from the management and I'm sure this guy figured I was crazy enough to report him.

So I've learned a couple of things from this situation:

1. Some people just should not own pets.
2. Joey knows when not to repeat the F-word. (after my last comment, he said to me, "that guy needs a leash mom?)  -he totally left out the f-word part.  He's so smart!
3. I should have waited until the caffeine reached my blood stream before interacting with anyone.
4. It's a really good thing we are moving soon before I piss off any more of the neighbors.


Anonymous said...

LOL, Mary Ellen I love this story... and I love that I'm not the only one who can't hold my thoughts in toward obnoxious neighbors! You tell him, girl!

Marie said...

Lol! My favorite thing is when I'm mowing the lawn and step in someone else's dog doodoo. Lovely! If I wanted to step in poop I have plenty from my own kids and dog that I can go frolicking in.


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