Sunday, September 19, 2010

Halloween Costume Shopping

Each year I begin planning for and thinking about Halloween earlier and earlier.  I love picking out costumes for my kids, and thinking about all of the fun parties, treats, and crafts that we will do together to celebrate the fun fall holiday.

I was really excited when I was contacted by the Costume Supercenter to review a costume and feature their great site on my blog.  The costume selection on their site is extensive.  It includes costumes for men, women, kids, toddlers, infants, even pets!  The site is well organized and includes excellent descriptions of each item, so you know exactly what you are getting.  I was overwhelmed in making a decision because they have so many costumes to choose from.  So I enlisted the help of my 3-year old trick or treater to pick out his own costume.  At first there was a lot of, "that one," "no, that one," and "I want that one too." But after a few more visits to the page of toddler costumes, his choice was clear. 

Don't you just love this Toy Story 3 Woody Costume?

It arrived quickly, and Joey makes a point to try on his Woody Costume most days.  I've been back to the site several times since receiving Joey's costume because pretty soon I'll need to make a selection and buy costumes for Katelyn and Olivia.  What do you think they should be?  Coordinated in theme with their big brother, or something different all together?

Either way, I'm pretty sure that the Costume Supercenter will have a suitable costume for my littlest trick or treaters.  And yours too!  So get shopping!

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The Sisters' Hood said...

Just came across your blog and just LOVED the name ... my kids say ' do you want some cheese with that whine' to eachother :)


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