Friday, December 3, 2010

Don't Forget to Order Your Holiday Cards at Shutterfly!

It is hard to believe that Christmas is a short 3 weeks away.  This is the time of year when lots of moms scramble to find the perfect holiday outfit, a unique and seasonal setting, and prop their children up time and time again to capture that perfect Christmas card photo.  Or maybe that's just me?  With my children being so young I've always struggled in getting a picture of all 3 actually looking at and smiling for the camera.  It's kind of like mission impossible, in my opinion.  And I'm pretty sure it's only ever happened 3 times since I became a mom of 3 in April of '09.

Despite my difficulty in capturing a card-worthy picture, Christmas time is exciting for many reasons.  So many companies out there work to provide services and products that are time savers for busy moms like me.  Shutterfly is at the top my list for companies that make my life easier.  They have so many amazing products all year round, but their Christmas Photo Cards seriously can't be beat.

I think that this simply stated Christmas Card is absolutely adorable: (and it has 3 picture spots, which is a plus for me since I can never get my kids sitting together!)

I'm also enjoying these next two styles.  And in the unlikely event that I am able to capture a pose with all three of my children looking and smiling at the camera, I'll probably choose one of these:

Whatever you are looking for in terms of unique photo gifts is also available at Shutterfly.  Want to give a gift that lasts all year long?  Make a customizable wall calendar using your own photos, dates, and a wide selection of backgrounds and layouts.  It'll truly be a one-of-a-kind gift!

So whether you are need of affordable holiday cards, thank you cards, special photo gifts, or a hardcover photo book, Shutterfly has got you covered.  Start selecting and uploading your favorite photos today!

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