Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Ho Ho Ho! Merry Christmas!

We officially kicked-off the Christmas season over the weekend with a fabulous Holiday Party with our playgroup friends.  The party was important to me for so many reasons, mainly because I've been spending so much time away from my kids lately that it was just really special to get dressed up and do something exciting with them.  In an effort to ease some financial strain around here I've started working part-time in the retail world. (think starts with 'W', ends with 'art.')  For a little over a week, Ron walks in the door and I walk out.  I worked pretty much all weekend so spending Sunday evening celebrating Christmas with my husband and children was a great way to reconnect with them.

I never thought to buy my kids any Christmas outfits last week, and it occurred to me early Sunday morning that they had nothing festive to wear to the party later that night.  My mom and sister were quick to my rescue as they dutifully shopped at Kohls in my place.  They selected adorable outfits for my children and delivered them to my house while I was at work. (who can ask for better family members... seriously!)

At the party we ate delicious food, made adorable crafts, and spent time with good friends.  Many of the children were star-struck as Santa arrived.  Katelyn buried her face in my sweater as he approached, and Olivia had a death grip around Ron's neck warning him to not let her go.  Joey on the other hand, gave Santa a high-five and then showed him the marshmallow snowman he made.

All of the parents were anxious to get a picture of their cuties with Santa.  I was no different.  After last year's debacle, (and the year before that was a disaster too...) I had high hopes that this would be my year.  The ever-so-stubborn Joey wouldn't leave the pile of presents to sit on Santa's lap.  So Santa came to him. 

They laid down on the floor together and had a nice chat.  Later, after the presents were opened and played with for a while, I asked Joey if he would go sit with Santa so I could take his picture.  After a trip to the potty, he obliged.  Joey walked over to Santa, climbed up on his lap, turned to him and said, "I just went poop on the potty."  This kid has no modesty.  No social filter whatsoever.  He's as honest and adorable as he could possibly be.  Santa wasn't phased.  He chuckled, told Joey that was good news, and encouraged my funny guy to smile for the camera.  Which he did.  Hurrah!

And in case you're wondering... here's what happened when we tried to get Katelyn & Olivia to sit with Santa too.  1. I had to go as well since Katelyn wouldn't even look at Santa.  2. Olivia threw herself off of my lap and onto the floor screaming as if someone was hurting her. 3.  My friend Elena helped us out by passing Olivia back to me and tried to peek-a-boo the tears out of her.  4.  She didn't stop crying or yelling, but at least she's in the picture!

Ah well, I'd say we get an "A" for effort.  Better luck next year, I suppose.

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