Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Mommy Party Sponsored By Episencial

Recently I was selected to host a party featuring some great baby safe skincare products.  The Episencial Skincare Collection includes a full range of all natural products designed for ages 0-150!  Included in their chemical-free lineup is SPF 35 Sunscreen, Protective Face Balm, Soothing Cream, Sweet Dreams Bubble Bath, Better Body Butter, Playful Foaming Wash, and Nurturing Balm. 
My party/playdate was a lot of fun, and all the kids and moms were thrilled to try out the Episencial Skincare Collection.  Here is a picture of Joey getting ready to kick off the demonstration:

Joey also helped me assemble the goody bags. 

What fun is a party without goody bags? Through Mommy Parties, Episencial provided me with everything I needed to make sure my guests went home well-informed and happy.  Each of my mommy friends received a fun goody bag containing a full size product as well as a whole bunch of samples to enjoy.

Another happy party-goer:

My kids are loving the Foaming Wash, and we've gone through half the bottle in just a few weeks.  It smells great, cleans thoroughly, and is all natural with lots of organics and fruit extracts.  My kids have sensitive skin and have been known to break out in rashes or hives after being exposed to new products.  We've been using the Episencial products for weeks now and I'm happy to say that their skin is free and clear.

Episencial is available at retailers such as Target, Ulta, and others.  You can also purchase it online at,, and more.  At their website, use the Episencial Store Finder to find a location near you!

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