Sunday, September 25, 2011

Caution: Prescription Pain Relievers Are Addicting

I recently hurt my back really badly.  I'm not exactly sure how I hurt it, but I do know some of the triggers that have caused me to be in pain for a full month.  Last week I finally went to see a doctor, who gave me strict orders to rest as much as possible until it is 100% better.  She also gave me some information on ways that I can help prevent this from happening again, as well as a couple of scripts for meds that I've been taking responsibly.

I believe the medications that she gave me are in the "narcotic" category, and I am not writing this to declare myself a drug-addict.  No need to worry.... I am not the next Anna Nicole Smith.  My tits aren't big enough for that gig, anyway.  I'm simply writing to acknowledge the fact that I can see why people get addicted to taking meds like this.  Especially people that are sleep-deprived, stressed, or in constant pain.  It's actually scary how easy it would be for someone to begin feeling like they "need" a pill to get a good night's sleep.  And then they "need" a pill to get though the day.  And then they "need" a pill to start the morning.  It is totally crazy how quickly something as simple as taking a pill to stop hurting and get some rest could become a dangerous habit for someone that could potentially ruin their life.

Not for me though.  While I felt like I got the best night's sleep I've gotten since before I had children, I don't like sleeping so soundly that I feel like I couldn't get up if you blew a foghorn in my ear.  (My husband will tell you that I'm that difficult to wake up on a regular basis, but I only act like that on the weekends so he'll go take care of the children!  Shhhhh... don't tell him I admitted that.)  Aside from that, I also did not like the crazy weird, often creepy dreams I had when I took the meds.  So don't worry.  I'm not an addict, nor will I become one.

So what exactly is the purpose of this post?  I guess it's just to point out the obvious... that prescription pain medication can be habit-forming.  But also to point out that I'm pretty sure regular, normal, seemingly in-control people could easily get addicted to the narcotic variety as well. It's not just the crazy non-celebrity celebrities & Michael Jacksons of the world.  So use with caution.  Obviously.

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